RDP4: Data Analytics Approaches for the Optimization of the Bioprocesses

The production of biological drugs takes place in genetically modified living cells that are propagated in the bioreactor to high density. The rapid growth of the cells and the production of the target compound are achieved through adding the right nutrients and careful regulation of the physical conditions, such as pressure, temperature and acidity. Growth conditions and composition of the nutrients and their interactions significantly affect the quality of the production. The project RRP4 is developing data analysis and modeling procedure to determine the optimal conditions for producing biological drugs. We will develop tools with which we can monitor, predict and better understand the processes in the bioreactor.

Project leader: dr. Blaž Zupan

Project partners: Centre of Excellence for Biosensors, Instrumentation and Process Control , National Institute of Chemistry , Lek , Metronik , Faculty of Computer and Information Science , Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology