RRP5: IT Support for Development of New Biologics

The project aims to improve IT support for the development of processes for the production of biologics. The cornerstone of the system is a data warehouse, which collects process and quality data of products. Data sources represent different electronic systems which can be stand-alone or connected via databases while data can be transferred manually or automatically. The main contribution of the warehouse will be correct alignment of data from all the different sources and thus easily and quickly accessible in one place. Intended structure will in future allow the extension of the functions to planning and on-line monitoring of the implementation of development projects. The intelligent control panel will be linked to the data warehouse and will provide on-line monitoring and analysis of process data. It is intended for researchers who design and run processes. By analyzing previous runs of the experiment a more optimal design and implementation of new experiments will be achieved. The main challenge of the control panel development will be the user interface, which should allow the most transparent displays and intuitive use.

Project leader: dr. Aleš Belič

Project partners: Lek , Metronik , Faculty of Computer and Information Science